Friday, February 24, 2006

Romney tours S.C.; makes "Yankee" comment

Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney made presidential political stops Thursday in Charleston and Columbia.

At The Citadel in Charleston, he made a tongue-in-cheek comment that may come back to haunt him. According to the Associated Press:

"After fielding serious questions from cadets, one asked about the former Red Sox centerfielder Johnny Damon signing with the Yankees.

"Romney said that proved he had "something in common with you people here in the South. We both hate Yankees," he said."

Also see: The Post and Courier

In another story in The State newspaper of Columbia, Romney courted evangelicals. In the past, he said he supported the substance of a woman's right to choose, but his stance changed after studying stem-cell research, he told reporter Lee Bandy:

"Romney, a Mormon, said what changed him was the focus on stem cell research.

“'I studied it long and hard. And when I came out of the process, I said I would not support embryo farming or embryo cloning for research or anything.'

“'I’m pro-life,' he declared. 'So, the issue is settled.'”

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