Sunday, October 02, 2005

10/2/05: Huckabee visits Charleston

Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee visited South Carolina over the weekend in what may become a routine occurrence if he throws his hat into the presidential ring. From the Charleston Post and Courier:

Speaking at a state party meeting and then later at a fundraiser at the governor's mansion, Huckabee thanked the GOP faithful for their hard work. Currently the second longest serving governor in the nation, Huckabee credited party activists in his home state with each of his victories.

"It wasn't because I was a great candidate. It was because we had some wonderful people" helping with the campaign, he said at a meeting of the South Carolina Republican Party executive committee. ...

Huckabee is the 10th White House hopeful, and the sixth Republican, to visit the state this year. The lame duck governor, whose term expires in 2007, also has made several trips to Iowa and New Hampshire, two other states with early presidential contests.
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